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09.20.2020. MEDIA UPDATES

Shadow People, The Story of Sherry Pembrook (working title)

As a child you were told to be good and go to sleep and all with be well in the morning. Remember when you left the closet door open and sat in bed staring into the darkness only to see the outline of a dark shadow standing there and staring back at you, sheer terror gripping you. It came closer and you pulled the covers over your head but it came closer and still terrorized you until someone turned on the light? Sherry Pembrook experienced this phenomenon as a child and years later as an adult the terror returns to her as it has for many people around the world today. What are these mysterious phantoms and what do they want? Sherry’s phantom is seeking to harm her and all that care for her. Every shadow she sees will become a point of terror in this straight up; scare the pants off of you horror film.


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Valentines Day
Jerald had a featured role working
with Gary Marshall, singing with Jamie Foxx,
Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner in Valentines Day.