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Jerald Garner

Originally from Houston, TX, Jerald first got his feet wet in the limelight at 17 years old, when he was doing some modeling jobs for department store ads. When he was 21 years old, he joined the United States Air Force. During his time in the military he received a college degree and went on to become a data communications engineer and consultant. While visiting Los Angeles one day he was invited by a producer to be a featured guest in a MTV-show and was told shortly after that he had what it takes to become a Hollywood actor. Inspired by his first impressions of showbiz, Jerald decided to take a chance and moved to Hollywood. Coached by Connie Copper of “Friday Night Lights”, Price Hall, a student of the late, great Jeff Corey as well as Bobby and Larry Chance and Allen Feinstein. Jerald has scored various roles in independent films, TV commercials, industrials and plays and he has done notable work with Pulitzer Prize-Winning writer, Edward Albee of the University of Houston. Jerald’s theater credits include the Jones Theater as well as the Stages Repertory Theater. In “Suddenly Unexpected” Garner portrayed ‘Elder Jones’ and became the first black actor in history to get a lead role for LDS Films (Latter Day Saints Films). Jerald is an accomplished martial artist and holds a black belt in ASK American Karate. He is also an expert in various weapons and other combat forms. In the summer of 2009 Garner completed a supporting role in “Valentine’s Day”, directed by Garry Marshal, where he starred opposite Jessica Biel and two fellow Texan actors, Jennifer Garner and Jamie Foxx.

My Philosophy

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Everytime I Get Out...They Pull Me Back In!

I enjoyed my short career in the military. Getting shot at is not fun, but getting shot at with a film camera for production is fun. I am cast for a variety of roles relating to law enforcement, mainly the "good guy" roles. It's great to be consistantly called for military films and TV, since I have the experience directors are looking for. I most certainly don't want to be confined to playing "just" military and law enforcement parts, but you have to start somewhere...